Why do people flee?


Participants of this exercise will learn about reasons to flee with the help of a case example focused on one conflict/country to explain the historic background of the conflict, the different actors involved in the conflict and their role, the human rights situation and its consequences for the civilian population, the role of the government and its allies and the attempts to overcome systematic violence.

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  • Awareness
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  • Traumatic Event
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  • Individual
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  • 2 - 4 hours
Course code: M1S1A1-EN
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CC - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives


Reasons to flee, country of origin, human rights, government responsibility.


The aim of this exercise is to learn more about the situation in the countries of origin of refugees being supported by non-professionals to increase their sensitization and knowledge about the reasons for escape.


Group of max 20 participants.


Case example with one country of origin like Syria for example describing how the conflict arose and how the civilian population became main target of the systematic violence by the different conflict parties with the help of reports by international human rights NGOS like amnesty international or Human Rights Watch; the facilitator should be a representative of a professional NGO or institution working with traumatized refugees who can provide anonymized case examples of clients.


Power point presentation.


The contents of this exercise rely on international human rights reports as well as on reports from the EU and UN describing the human rights situation in the chosen country.

Advice for Facilitators

Facilitators should directly work with traumatized refugees in a psychosocial context.

Source (APA)

Amnesty international (2018): annual report 2017/2018: https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/research/2018/02/annual-report-201718/




Bianca Schmolze, MFH Bochum, Germany.


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